FiTek produces a wide range of outdoor optical cables, including normal non-metallic loose tube cables and metallic loose tube cables. The normal loose tube cable category includes single-loose, dual-loose, and multi-loose tube outdoor cables with small cable diameters. Additionally, Fitek offers non-metallic anti-rodent outdoor cables, which are designed with the first protection layer of glass yarns and the second protection layer of hard FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic).

  • Outdoor optical cable meets the international standard of IEC-60794.
  • Fitek’s non-metallic anti-rodent optical cable is designed with two layers of protection: the first layer is made of glass yarns and the second layer is made of FRP to prevent rats from biting the cable.
  • Smaller bending radius than aluminum alloy tape armored cable and corrugated steel tape armored cable.
  • Free from thunder lightning and electrical current conducting.
  • Outer jacket is made by flame retardant LSZH to enhance fire retardant and low smoke performance and also UV resistance.
  • Suitable for internal/external duct applications
  • Ideal for use in outdoor intra-building link
  • CATV、FTTX and FTTB last-mile optical network
Anti-Rodent Non-Metallic Single-Loose Tube Cable
Type Non-Self Support
Fiber Count 4~12F
Strength Member Glass Yarn+ FRP
Loose Tube Diameter (mm) 2.9 ± 0.2
Cable Diameter (mm) 8.0 ± 0.5
Maximum Attenuation (dB/km) 0.4 @1310 nm
0.3 @1550 nm
Material LSZH
Color Black
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