Anti-Bending and Anti-Rodent optical drop cable are the future key demands for FITH & FTTH cabling to solve some difficult cabling environments. Due to outside plant of FTTH cabling environment is complicated and also face a lot of uncontrolled situation like rodent bite and narrow space of existing cable pipe. The EZ-Through anti-bending drop cable is very suitable for FITH and FTTH in narrow space pipe and anti-rodent drop cable is good for outside plant of FTTH cabling to prevent the rat bite.

Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is becoming common and deployed tremendous amount of fiber every year. Increasing internet bandwidth & use of data consumption, this quick growing demand is driven by the increase in data, video stream on demand.

For long period of FTTH fiber networks deployment, service providers all will face a common challenge: the expense of maintaining the existed FTTH fiber network. The optical cable may be destroyed by rat bite and also is difficult to install new cable into existing cable pipe.

FiTek offers two categories of drop cable solution to solve the unique needs for difficult field installation. FiTek anti-bending drop cables are available with small OD EZ-Through® cables that can solve the compact pipe challenge and anti-rodent drop cables that can solve the rat bite in outside premise network. For FTTH building vertical backbone, Fitek provide the micro tube fiber cable for versatile design in high level floor installation.