FiTek SMA bundle fiber cable has been engineered using 50µm multi-fiber to form an anti-bending cable that prevents fiber breakage during installation and bending. The bundled fiber has been designed to replace the 1000µm large core fiber commonly used for visible signal transmission in various optical inspection and measurement equipment.

  • The bundle fiber cable is designed to be flexible for easy installation and operation.
  • The multi-fiber structure improves bending durability, making it resistant to damage.
  • It has a wide working wavelength range of 400 nm to 1000 nm, ensuring versatility in various applications.
  • The cable has excellent anti-bending performance, ensuring long-term reliability.
  • Infrared thermometer testing system
  • Medical inspection system
  • Bio-Optical System
Item Value
Individual Fiber Diameter (μm) 50
Numerical Aperture (NA) 0.57
Acceptance Angle (2θ) 70°
Cable OD (mm) 5.0
Fiber Count 350~400
Mini Bending Radius (mm) 100
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